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We are READY to match you with the right expert, SET you up with the best quality plants, and help you GROW your dream yard.

Whether you need garden design, renovations, maintenance, or special care for your plants, we can help find the right expert.

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As a wholesale nursery, we have worked with professional landscapers in Houston, Katy, and Austin for over 40 years.

When you join our Club, you get access to a curated list of experts.

Our horticulturists will work with the landscaper you choose to select the right plants, materials, and care programs for your needs and lifestyle.

Everything is delivered and installed in your yard.

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Search for professional landscapers near you. Find the right expert for your landscaping project.

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Connect with your favorite landscaper and request a quote for your one-time or regular project.

Get the best plants

Our horticulturists at Newton Nurseries will help your landscaper choose the best quality plants, delivered and installed in your garden.

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Your first tree on us!

Choose between a Live Oak or a Crape Myrtle. Your selected landscaper will deliver and plant it for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay to join the Club?

No, just create a free account and connect with as many landscapers as you need.

How do I communicate with the landscaper I want?

Click on "Request a Quote". Send a message including information about your need, budget, and location. You will get an email with their response within 48 hours.

Can I buy my plants directly from Newton Nurseries?

No, your landscaper will buy the plants for your project. Our horticulturists work with them to make the best selection according to your needs.

Why connect with a landscaper through Newton Nurseries?

We've been working with landscapers for over 40 years providing them with the best quality plants for you. We know what they need to serve you better.

How do I claim my free plant?

Once you book your project, your landscaper will pick up and deliver your plant to your home.

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